2023 Business Acceleration Workshop

October 27, 2023 12:00 PM to 05:30 PM

Learn how to implement the best business practices for today's environment. Benefit from the opportunity to network with fellow business professionals.

and INsights


Developing the brand of Human Resources beyond compliance.


Strategies for year-end tax planning and hot topics in taxes that all business leaders should know.


General overview of the cyber crime industry and building a defense.


Employment laws coming in 2024 and how they will affect your business.

The Speakers

Greg Wilson

Human Resources

Courtney Brown

Financial Management

Adrian Francoz

Information Technology

James Rumm

Employment Law

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Certified Payroll and Accounting Professionals

Workforce Consultants continues expand our services that are essential to Small and Midsized Businesses.  We have recently added a team of Payroll and Accounting professionals to support our amazing clients.

The objective is to save valuable time, so that clients no longer have to perform these important and critical tasks in-house.  Our Payroll and Accounting services are performed by certified, trained experts and offered at far less money than hiring internal staff to perform these duties.


  1. Payroll Auditing and Legal Corrections
  2. Management of Employee Timekeeping
  3. Manager and Employee Self-Service options
  4. Manage Bill Payments
  5. A/P and A/R
  6. Financial Reporting
  7. Bookkeeping & Reconciliations
  8. Sales Tax
  9. Income Tax Preparation

Next steps for you

We hope all clients and non-client readers take advantage of our expertise on these Hot Topics. We recommend that our clients sit down with their primary HR consultant to discuss these important topics and how to best improve their company through the power of best HR practices. All non-client visitors are also encouraged to contact us for a complimentary consultation to learn more and see how we can be helpful to your business.


Leadership Coaching

Do you have supervisors or managers that need to be coached for behavioral issues, performance issues, or to improve their alignment with your company? Are you losing good employees due to bad leadership?  If you are not ready to give up on these leaders, think about professional coaching. Workforce Consultants has added a new division for 2023 based on the demands that we learned from our clients. We’ll provide a path for great leadership results. 

Private coaching by our certified coaches and licensed therapists.


Supervisor Academy

Workforce Consultants has developed a one-of-a-kind academy for supervisors and managers. We have found that many great employees get promoted to positions of leadership based on their technical operations and dedication to the company. Yet they have not been formally trained in leading people and complying with employment laws. We provide an academy that requires 5 to 7 hours per month per participant for individual clients and public programs to be announced. 

Give your leaders the opportunity to increase productivity, employee engagement and business results. Available for all industries.


Business HR, Legal and Safety Symposium

Coming this spring 2023! Workforce Consultants along with Kennedy, McCarthy & Rumm and Cal Works Safety will host an in-person event to review the latest news and offer advice in the areas of business HR, employment laws, and safety and OSHA requirements.  There are many new laws and regulations for 2023, along with legacy requirements and best practices in human resources that impact your business.  

Look for more information over the coming weeks. This event promises to be impactful information and fun with wine and cheese!


New 2023 Employment Laws and Safety Laws

Most business owners and HR professionals already understand that California has the strictest layer of employment laws in the nation that heavily favor employees to seek relief by individual lawsuits, class action and PAGA lawsuits. California passed 997 new laws that go into effect in 2023. We identified about 15 of the most important laws in the areas of employment and safety that will impact most businesses and yes, your business too.

Are you to following the law and protecting your company? Or will you be at greater risk of employment lawsuits?